We Say We Love Each Other was originally published in 1985 by Spinsters/Aunt Lute Press, publishers who had joined two of the women’s presses that emerged from the early Women-in-Print movement. It was reissued in 1992 by Firebrand Books, a press founded by Nancy Bereano during the resurgent WiP movement in the early 1980s.

We Say We Love Each Other is a book of poetic maps, tracing the search in a violent world for a place to live as a lesbian, a place to make art and to make love, to savor life as delicious and sensual as the center of a peach.

Condemned by right-wing censors for the erotic intensity, the cultural transgressions of her work, Minnie Bruce Pratt’s laughter, defiance, and complicated truths of the body illuminate We Say We Love Each Other.

"We Say We Love Each Other is a good introduction to why Minnie Bruce Pratt is a major poet—not just a woman poet or a feminist poet or a lesbian poet or all those adjectives strung together. However you want to look at it, Pratt has written a holy book, poetry that will get to you and rearrange your heart."

Eloise Klein Healy, "Lesbian Poets Speak Us Into Existence," The Lesbian Review of Books, Autumn 1994

"[We Say We Love Each Other] does contain some of the sexiest love lyrics since Sappho."

Mary Ann Daly, The Washington Blade, March 1986

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We Say We Love Each Other

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Firebrand Books
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Phone:    248-738-8202

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