Teaching Philosophy

Areas of Teaching Interest

I am primarily interested in working with folks in the areas of :

Creative Writing, specifically in Poetry, Essays, and Creative Non-Fiction;

 Women’s Studies,  in the Intersections of Sex, Gender, Race, and Class;

& Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgender Studies.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

My ideals about teaching and learning are rooted not in my formal academic training, but in my experiences in the feminist and lesbian/gay political liberation movements, in my years of teaching at historically Black universities, and in my life as a poet.

My goal as a teacher and writer is to discover what is hidden within and under the "knowledge" that we have been taught in forms distorted by oppression and the politics of power-over. In my own work, I do this through poetry and through the creation of autobiographical essays on a range of subjects, including issues of class, sexual orientation, and race/ethnicity/ religion.

Central to my work is a tracing of the process by which we attempt to transform ourselves, the culture around us, and social institutions, into more humane, egalitarian, and loving entities. I am interested not just in the psychology and spirituality of the process, but, as emphatically, in its material and historical aspects.

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