S/HE, issued by Firebrand Books in Spring 1995, was one of the five finalists in Non-Fiction for that year's American Library Association Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Book Award, as well as one of the three finalists for the Firecracker Award in Non-Fiction.

In these lyrical vignettes, Pratt expands the boundaries of gender and its theory. She explores the inconsistencies, the infinities, the fluidity of sex and gender, and asks intriguing questions: How many ways are there to be girl, boy, man, woman?

Is there a connection between feminine, masculine, lesbian, heterosexual, between desire and liberation? How many ways can the body's sex vary---by chromosomes, hormones, genitals? How many ways can our gender expressions multiply---between home and work, at the computer and when we kiss someone, in our dreams and when we walk down the street? What is our dream of who we want to be? Pratt's stories are part of new theory appearing at the intersections---of the feminism of U.S. women's liberation, the writings of women of color in the U.S. and internationally, the queer ideas of lesbian and gay liberation, and the emerging thought of transgender liberation. S/HE helps move these ideas into action by giving us theory that has flesh and breath, that exists in all of our eccentric, complicated, daily lives.

From S/HE:

"When you live between opposites, you can not escape the s/he who will follow you, who must either be wrestled with or embraced."

"Desire is like a poem. The knife can mean death and life, but whose hand holds it? The rose can mean petals and canker in the bud, but whose hand spreads it? With each criss-crossing gesture the meaning of lust will shift. If we dare claim our lives as our own, we must read all the poems we write with our bodies."

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S/HE stories in German/Deutsch
Deutsch von Silvia Cunningham, Astrid Friedrich, Dagmar Hemmie, Angelika Masternak, und Kerstin Schleppegrell, bei Der Spinnboden Lesbenarchiv, Anklamer Strasse 38, 2 Hof, Berlin, fon 9011-49) 30-448-5848, e spinnboden@spinnboden.de

Mehr S/HE in Deutsch in Versuhrungern/Seductions von Verlag, Krug & Schadenberg, Heimstrasse 19, Berlin 10965, fon (011-49) 30-694-1234, fax 30-694-1231

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