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Adrienne Rich
"These poems—sensual, fierce, accurate—touch me in many familiar places. Yet, they also feel new and original, a poetry perhaps only possible now, in this very decade."

Susan Sherman
"Pratt’s poems about the South, her childhood, the love between women, are wonderfully detailed, precise, evocative and wise. She is a poet of clear expression. Her voice is powerful. Her song true."

Eloise Klein Healy, "Lesbian Poets Speak Us Into Existence," The Lesbian Review of Books, Autumn 1994
"We Say We Love Each Other is a good introduction to why Minnie Bruce Pratt is a major poet—not just a woman poet or a feminist poet or a lesbian poet or all those adjectives strung together. However you want to look at it, Pratt has written a holy book, poetry that will get to you and rearrange your heart."

Patricia Roth, Au Courant, Spring 1987
"By virtue of this, her second book, I believe Pratt ranks with Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, and Judy Grahn as a major 20th-century poet who happens to be feminist and lesbian—and therefore uniquely qualified to delineate truths of the toll this patriarchal culture takes on women’s bodies, women’s spirit."

Mary Ann Daly, The Washington Blade, March 1986
"[We Say We Love Each Other] does contain some of the sexiest love lyrics since Sappho."

Yvonne Zipter, Gay Life/Sister Life, Summer 1985
"We Say We Love Each Other" is about a lot of things—Pratt’s childhood, lovers, friends, the South, desire, fear, and anger, to name but a few. But mostly, it is uncompromisingly, unapologetically, a book about the lush variety of ways women love one another. This book belongs in your collection, in your hands—in your heart."

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