Minnie Bruce and Leslie outside camptrans 1994

Minnie Bruce Pratt & Leslie Feinberg at Camp Trans, Michigan, 1995
I share my home and life with Leslie Feinberg, the novelist, historian, and transgender activist. In 1992 I met Leslie at hir slideshow/lecture in Washington, D.C., where s/he spoke on the historical basis for unity among people who experience different oppressions—and where s/he read, looking up at me, from hir classic "Letter to a Fifties Femme." Now, seven years later, s/he is my "one and only," my beloved lesbian husband.

I fell in love with Leslie because of hir voice, hir vision, and hir revolutionary optimism. If you don’t yet know hir work, rush to hir WEB site below.

My adult life has been an exhilarating struggle to understand how to resist, militantly, the oppressive categories that the ruling status quo places on us, and how to live, triumphantly, the identities and complexities that we feel to be true for ourselves. As my life and Leslie’s flowed together, I gained immeasurably in my understanding of that struggle—in my understanding of how we live all our sexualities, sex identities, and gender expressions.

The stories in my book S/HE are about these complexities in our daily life—and many of them are also love tributes to Leslie. I could write a book about how much I love hir—and I have! Below is a link to one of the stories—my "Kisses" for Leslie.

Kisses for Leslie from S/HE
Leslie’s E-Mail
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Photo of Leslie and me by Robert Giard

Leslie’s Books

Transgender Liberation: An Movement Whose Time Has Come (World View Publishers pamphlet)

Stone Butch Blues (Alyson Books)

Transgender Warriors: From Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman (Beacon Press)

Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink-or-Blue (Beacon Press)

Drag King Dreams (Carroll & Graf)