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Holly Hughes says, "This book is hot!"
The Village Voice (January 7, 1997)

"S/HE, by Minnie Bruce Pratt, is not just a favorite book, it’s several of my favorite books. Pratt, best known for her poetry, is also the author of Rebellion, a collection where the personal not only meets the political but they get married, break up, then get married again.

I think of S/HE as a literary little black dress, perfect for any occasion. Last election got you down? Apply Pratt to the appropriate pulse points. Hungry for beautiful writing? Marinate yourself in these metaphors. Interested in gender and queer theory but don’t speak the language? In S/HE Pratt gives "theory flesh and breath."

The book also works as travel writing; each story is a verbal snapshot of Pratt’s journey from small-town Alabama, where she was mired down in whiteness and good-girldom, to New York, where she became an acclaimed writer, antiracist activist, and lover of Leslie Feinberg, author of Stone Butch Blues.

Did I fail to mention this book is hot? Suffice to say I ruined my first copy. So get several; this is several books in one slender volume."

Other Praise for S/HE

From Waterwheel:
"Whew. Check your assumptions at the front cover. Provocative reflections guarantee that categories fall on every page."

From Booklist:
"Pratt breaks traditions, restrictions, and taboos in what many—some with shocked horror, others with fascination—will find a high-risk book, almost sure to become one of the hottest this season in and perhaps also outside the lesbian community."
Whitney Scott is a Chicago writer and artist.

From Q San Francisco:
"Another powerful life story is told by Minnie Bruce Pratt in S/HE, a collection of short searing essays about an issue which confuses even the most liberated among us: gender. What's she and what's he, where and why's the division, what is it like to live and love across barriers? Pratt, a poet and activist as well as essayist, thinks in print with welcome, clear-headed clarity about more than just butch and femme."
Richard Labonte is general manager of A Different Light Bookstores in San Francisco, West Hollywood and New York

From Women’s Review of Books:
"S/HE [is] a richly lyric memoir in which Pratt peels back daily life to reveal how many fears, hopes, desires and expectations wriggle through our consciousness to coalesce as gender."
E.J. Graff contributes regularly to The New York Times and The New Yorker.

From Belles Lettres:
"…Among the best writing I have ever read about lesbian lives."
Deanna Kriesel is an editorial assistant at Triquarterly magazine.

S/HE Award

: Finalist in the 1996 American Library Association’s Gay and Lesbian Book Awards

The awards, established in 1971 and sponsored by the ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Task Force, are awarded annually to authors of books of exceptional merit published during the prior calendar year examining the lesbian, gay and/or bisexual experience.

Nonfiction Award finalists were: Minnie Bruce Pratt for S/HE, published by Firebrand Books; Linnea Due for Joining the Tribe, published by Anchor Books; The Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage, edited by Claude J. Summers and published by H. Holt; and Jonathan Ned Katz for The Invention of Heterosexuality.

The awards were selected from a list of 76 nominated titles drawn from a list of more than 800 fiction and nonfiction titles identified as having gay, lesbian or bisexual content.

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